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FLEXIFIBER® Type IC (Impaction Cylinder) Mist Eliminator

Economically capture liquid particles in the 1 to 3 microns range 

Primarily utilizing the impaction mechanism, FLEXIFIBER type IC fiberbeds are designed to economically capture liquid droplets in the 1 to 3 microns range. Collection efficiencies at 1 micron will vary from 90% on liquid mists with a specific gravity of 1.0 to 97% on liquid mists with a specific gravity to 1.8. Operating pressure drops are typically in the range of 100-250 mm (4-10 in) W.G.  

In addition to the standard FLEXIFIBER type IC elements, Koch-Glitsch also offers FLEXIFIBER types IC-K, IC-KLF, and IC-M mist eliminators.  

Type IC-K is a low pressure drop, high capacity mist eliminator. It is typically used in applications where frequent washing of the element is necessary, whether it be soluble and insoluble solids. An example of this type of application is sulfate buildup in air drying towers at sulfuric acid plants.  

Type IC-KLF and type ICK combine our knitted wire mesh and fiberbed technologies to produce extended life mist eliminators that are less inclined to foul with solids. This provides energy savings and longer run lengths in critical services, such as sulfuric acid drying towers.  

Type IC-M is an element that uses a primary layer of glass fibers and secondary layer of knitted wire mesh that offers high efficiency and high capacity, i.e. protection against liquid carryover.  

How it works 

Inertial impaction occurs where the mass of the droplet is large enough that it typically cannot follow the path of the gas stream and impacts directly on the target.  

Product Benefits

  • High collection efficiency combined with good fouling resistance