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Montz Food Processing

Montz Food Processing provides turnkey solutions and services in the field of thermal separation and heat treatment technology for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. This includes dealcoholization systems which allow breweries and other beverage producers to reach near zero percent (0,0%) alcohol content in beer, wine, and cider.
Distillation columns by Montz are used for dealcoholization in over 130 systems worldwide.
Montz is constantly improving its column designs to achieve lower pressure drops, increased energy efficiency, and improved maintenance (cleaning) of internals, among other operational benefits.
Montz will work in close contact and cooperation with the customer to create a smooth, positive, and successful project execution. Our team members provide customer support and services for all phases of a project by applying their extensive engineering knowledge and experience for basic and detailed engineering as well as electrical-, measuring- and control-technology.
Montz Food Processing executes and manages all aspects of plant construction including pipe planning, plant layout, isometric drawings, CAE/CAD 3D construction, project management, as well as procurement and delivery. Montz will be on-site to manage, supervise and implement the erection and installation of the plant. After installation, our engineers will also perform start-up, commissioning, and training of the operating personnel.

With over 30 years’ experience in the brewing and beverage business, Montz Food Processing can also offer support with product development and innovation, as well as lab and pilot testing capabilities.

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