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Drying Towers

Drying towers are often found in sulfuric acid plants where they are used to dry concentrated sulfuric acid. In this case, the droplets are created by spraying liquid acid on packing where air is being run countercurrent. The droplets created are often small enough that they require the use of a DEMISTER® mist eliminator that uses metal and fiberglass knit together. Koch-Glitsch has developed mesh that is custom-tailored for this design that provides high capacity while maintaining the efficiency required to drop the acid back onto the packing.
A special feature of these designs can be the use of a side door where the mesh can be installed and removed without having to enter the tower. This keeps workers from having to work in confined spaces that can be dangerous due to residual sulfuric acid. The TYPE "D" SAFETY SCRUBBER mist eliminator housing by Koch-Glitsch can be used to provide a tray that will slide into the tower, making installation even easier.