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The ULTRA-FRAC® tray is the highest capacity commercial mass transfer device tested at Fractionation Research, Inc. Its multiple separators produce co-current flow.

With ULTRA-FRAC trays, existing columns can be retrofitted without welding to the vessel shell, resulting in significant capacity increases without the major capital expenditures and space requirements of building new columns. One-for-one change-outs of existing trays are possible for many services. For new grassroot vessels, ULTRA-FRAC trays could offer significant reduction in vessel diameters, minimizing initial capital costs.

ULTRA-FRAC trays offer:

  • Superior liquid handling
    • The unique operating principle provides capacity advantages
  • Superior vapor handling
    • Functioning as a deentrainer, ULTRA-FRAC trays provide significantly higher vapor rates without degrading efficiency
  • Foam suppression
    • At low to medium liquid rates, ULTRA-FRAC trays exhibit foam suppression capability