Mist Elimination

A mist elimination system featuring process tower internals from Koch-Glitsch can help

  • Improve product purity
  • Reduce the loss of valuable chemicals and products
  • Increase plant throughput capacity
  • Prevent plant air and water pollution
  • Protect valuable downstream process equipment
  • Reduce plant effluent treatment costs

Continuously improved designs set the standard for performance

Koch-Glitsch provides process expertise, commercial experience, and advanced product technology for a wide range of industries including chlor-alkali, gas transmission, general mist elimination, natural gas processing, petrochemicals, pollution control, power generation, pulp and paper, refining, gas processing, sulfuric acid and more.

Koch-Glitsch designs and manufactures a complete line of products including knitted wire mesh pads, fiberbeds, chevrons, and feed distribution devices in a wide range of metals, plastics, thermoplastics, and fiber-reinforced plastics. Our mist elimination designs include gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separations, as well as vapor flow conditioning.