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YORK-EVENFLOW Vane Inlet Device

The design and performance of the YORK-EVENFLOW vane inlet device is superior to traditional baffles or dished splash plates. The modular construction allows installation through vessel manways and can be engineered for vertical or horizontal vessels.  

The YORK-EVENFLOW vane inlet device gradually decreases the momentum of the inlet feed stream to allow removal of bulk liquid and solids and provides even distribution of the gas flow over the downstream mist elimination devices.  

Special design features of the YORK-EVENFLOW vane inlet device provide best in class mechanical reliability. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling can be used to provide a complete picture of the vapor and liquid flow in the vessel to optimize the internals design to meet desired performance. 


  • Reduces high inlet gas momentum 
  • Diverts high liquid loads away from mist eliminators 
  • Prevents reentrainment of liquid droplets from the liquid sump