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Compressor Trains

In Compressor Trains, or more commonly called Knockout Drums or Gas Scrubbers, small amounts of liquid entrained into the suction side of gas compressors can cause significant damage requiring a plant shutdown for repair or replacement. Therefore, effective mist elimination at both the feed stage and inter stage becomes extremely important.
Protect Machinery

DEMISTER® mist eliminators are often used to help protect this valuable rotating equipment from entrained liquid. If operating within its hydraulic limit, DEMISTER® mist eliminators remove entrained liquid droplets based on the impaction collection mechanism.
Debottleneck Equipment

If the existing equipment is operating above its hydraulic limit, DEMISTER® high-capacity mist eliminators or DEMISTER-PLUS mist eliminators can be a very effective debottlenecking tool. The existing drum can often be retrofitted with new internals, which avoids the need to replace the existing drum with a larger drum. It is quite common that these retrofits can be completed without welding, which eliminates the need for ASME recertification.
Prevent Emissions

On the lubrication side of the compressor, FLEXIFIBER® type BD mist eliminators help prevent emission of sub-micron lube oil droplets from exiting the lube oil reservoir vent line.