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TOWER DOCTOR® service is a dedicated team of industry experts that provide solutions to operational problems. The TOWER DOCTOR service from Koch-Glitsch helps customers quickly and efficiently identify and resolve the root cause of operational challenges. The team includes experts in the fields of trays, packing, phase separations technology and unit operations in all industries.

The TOWER DOCTOR service from Koch-Glitsch also has the unique ability to leverage expertise within the entire Koch Engineered Solutions group of companies to apply plant-wide troubleshooting and solutions.


The TOWER DOCTOR service provides solutions for the following:

  • Poor product quality
  • Hydraulic capacity limitations
  • Higher than normal energy consumption
  • Abnormal changes to ∆P and ∆T
  • Increased liquid carryover
  • Equipment fouling
  • Technical support after an upset to the unit
  • Process simulation support
  • Gamma Scan Interpretation
  • CFD Studies
  • Data Analytics
  • Pilot plant studies

TOWER DOCTOR resolves issues and improves operations. Contact Koch-Glitsch and request the TOWER DOCTOR® service today.