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Column Internals

  • US9909824
  • US9625221
  • US9089787
  • US8317166
  • US7125004
  • US7114709
  • US7104529
  • US6889962
  • US6889961

Dividing Wall Columns (DWC)

  • US10710001
  • US7287747

FLEXIPEAK mist eliminator

  • US7905937

FLEXIPRO® valve tray

  • USD816188
  • US10258936

INTALOX® ULTRA random packing

  • US7722945

KFBE fluidized bed structured packing

  • Patents Pending

KITTEL® trays

  • US7028995

KITTEL® trays

  • US10953374
  • US9387414
  • Patents Pending

LUBEMAX technology

  • US6962661

Mechanical Design Enhancements

  • US9295926
  • US8944418
  • US8485504
  • US7055810

Mini Bubble Promoter

  • USD650466

Montz Structured Packing

  • US8096533

PROFLUX® severe service grid

  • US8298412

Reactor Technology

  • Patents Pending

Reactor Technology

  • US10710100
  • US10702836

Reactor Technology

  • US10710100
  • US10702836

Severe Service Technology

  • Patents Pending

TOWER VIEW® technology

  • Patents Pending


  • US8500105
  • US8191870

VORSOMAX® cyclone mist eliminator

  • US9192886

VORSOMAX® cyclonic inlet device

  • US10792592

YORK-EVENFLOW vane inlet device

  • Patents Pending

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