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FLEXIPAC® HC® Structured Packing

FLEXIPAC® HC® structured packing has been used in thousands of columns to increase capacity and reduce pressure drop for new construction and for replacing standard sheet metal structured packings, conventional random packings, and trays.

FLEXIPAC HC structured packing combines excellent capacity and efficiency characteristics with a lower pressure drop per theoretical stage. It is the preferred packing for vacuum distillation applications.

Similar in construction to FLEXIPAC packing, FLEXIPAC HC packing has a modification in the geometry of the corrugation at the top and bottom for each packing layer. The change in geometry:

  • Eliminates the abrupt change in flow direction of the liquid and vapor phases at the packing layer interface
  • Eliminates the premature build-up of liquid
  • Helps maintain the low pressure drop characteristics of structured packing throughout the efficient operating range of the packing

The advantages of FLEXIPAC HC packing are particularly strong for smaller corrugation crimp size, higher surface area packings.