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Model 156 Trough Distributor

  • Metering device: Trough wall metering orifices with enhanced baffles
  • Liquid rates: 0.1-15 gpm/ft2 [0.25-37 m3/h/m2]
  • Tower Diameter: 3 ft [900 mm] and larger
  • Support Features: Directly on packing or beams
  • Redistribution: Separate liquid collector

Standard Features

  • For use with structured packing only
  • 2:1 turndown ratio
  • Enhanced baffle includes surface treatment for liquid spreading and serrated bottom to prevent liquid tracking
  • Baffle alignment ensures complete wetting of bottom of first layer
  • Elevated metering orifices provide fouling resistance
  • Overflow protection
  • Reduced drip point density allows for larger orifices
  • Secondary baffle shields liquid from high-velocity vapor between troughs

Optional Features

  • Multi-level orifices for increased operating range
  • Multiple parting boxes for higher liquid capacity
  • Pre-distribution channels provide velocity reduction for higher liquid capacity