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SMVP Extraction Packing

Liquid-liquid extraction is an important unit operation that is in some instances more economical than ordinary distillation. The separation of constant boiling mixtures (azeotropes) or separation of components with very close boiling points are examples. Another application where liquid-liquid extraction may be employed is the separation of very high molecular weight materials. Even when distilled under vacuum, the high temperatures required may cause product degradation. Counter-current extraction columns equipped with Koch-Glitsch SMV/SMVP Extraction Packings are particularly effective in this regard.

Depending on the extraction application, various packing types, sizes and materials are available which allow for varying requirements of mass transfer efficiency, column capacity and corrosion allowanceKoch-Glitsch can design the extractor internals for either the light or heavy phase being dispersed, depending on the application. The direction of mass transfer, the wetting characteristics of the system, and other operational parameters usually determine which phase will be dispersed and which phase will be continuous.

Operational Features

  • No moving parts
  • High capacity compared to random packing and trays
  • Mass transfer efficiency nearly independent of throughput, within wide operating range
  • Suitable for low interfacial surface tension and/or small density differences
  • Preferable when the process involves elevated temperatures or pressures
  • Predictable scale-up
  • Increases capacity and/or efficiency of existing columns

Mechanical Features

  • Fabricated in most metals and some plastics
  • SMV Extraction Packing: Structured packing specifically designed for counter-current extraction columns
  • SMVP Extraction Packing: Specially designed extraction packing that includes disperser plates between packing layers to significantly reduce axial mixing
  • Distributors: Specially designed feed distributors are an integral component of the high performance SMV Extraction Packing system
  • Column size: 4 in [100mm] or larger

Typical Applications

  • Extraction of H2S from LPG with amines
  • Removal of acetic acid from water with benzene
  • Extraction of aromatics from lubricating oils with furfural
  • Separation of asphaltic compounds from oil
  • Extraction of glycerides from vegetable oil
  • Recovery of hormones, vitamins and antibiotics
  • Recovery of essential oils
  • Removal of phenolic compounds from wastewater
  • Extraction of mercaptans from refinery gas with caustic

Koch-Glitsch also offers metal sieve trays and a full line of random tower packings manufactured from metals, plastics and ceramic materials to suit any extraction requirement.