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INTALOX® ULTRA Random Packing

The new industry standard with thousands of successful installations worldwide.

INTALOX® ULTRA high-performance random packing can help increase the capacity of any random packing tower by up to 10% while maintaining the same efficiency compared to previous high-capacity random packings, such as IMTP random packing. With older-generation random packings, the benefits may be greater. The low pressure drop and high capacity of this packing offers:

  • Increased capacity without loss of efficiency
  • Increased efficiency without loss of capacity
  • Lower pressure drop which minimizes foaming
  • Minimized liquid carryover and solvent losses
  • Reduced reflux and energy consumption
  • High mechanical strength

INTALOX ULTRA high-performance random packing can add value to your operations by providing the following benefits:

  • Increased capacity and lower pressure drop
    • Reduces foaming tendency with lower pressure drop compared to similar-sized packings
    • Increases throughput without loss of efficiency compared to similar-sized packings
    • Reduces carryover and solvent losses with high vapor-handling capacity
    • Increases design capacity after vessel purchase without increasing vessel size
    • Reduces vessel diameter and thickness in high-pressure applications, resulting in a significantly lighter vessel
  • Higher efficiency
    • Provides more efficiency without loss of capacity when revamping with the next smaller size packing
    • Reduces reboiler/condenser duty and energy consumption when revamping with similar-sized packing
    • Reduces vessel height compared to designs with similar-sized packings
    • Reduces stripping load compared to designs with similar-sized packings
  • High mechanical strength
    • Integral stiffening ribs and flanges provides high strength-to-weight ratio
    • Low weight permits greater allowable bed depth