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OMNI-FIT® Technology

OMNI-FIT® technology is a set of mechanical engineering designs used to reduce the cost and downtime of packed tower revamps. These technologies include expansion rings, continuous vertical support columns, pedestal supports, downcomer adapters, and innovative mass transfer equipment designs that can minimize or eliminate welding on an existing tower. Efficiency and capacity enhancements can be achieved by using high-performance trays combined with OMNI-FIT technology.

  • Can eliminate welding to the vessel shell
  • Shorten turnarounds
  • Convert between packing and tray configurations
  • Change tray spacings and/or orientation
  • Change the number of tray flow passes
  • Modify tray downcomer sizes or configurations
  • Install new mass transfer equipment where no existing tower attachments exist
  • Install multi-pass SUPERFRAC® XT trays