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The SUPERFRAC® tray is a high-performance cross-flow tray that has the highest combined capacity and efficiency of all cross-flow trays tested at Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI) SUPERFRAC trays can be used in new construction and revamp opportunities for virtually any service in which conventional sieve and valve trays are used. They are especially beneficial in applications requiring a large number of mass transfer stages or where mass transfer efficiency is critical to the economics of the operation. Examples include superfractionators (ethylene, propylene), light hydrocarbon fractionators, splitters in chemical and petrochemical applications, and aromatic services.

The patented technologies used in SUPERFRAC trays are the culmination of over twenty years of comprehensive tray development work. The unique combination of SUPERFRAC patented technologies and design strategies produces the high capacity and the maximum vapor/liquid contact efficiency achievable on a cross-flow distillation tray. As a result, the SUPERFRAC tray gives the highest economic benefit to operators of distillation columns seeking solutions for both new construction and revamp projects.

SUPERFRAC trays use active area enhancements and advanced downcomer technologies and may include inlet area enhancements. Koch-Glitsch provides multiple different patented downcomer configurations to optimize the SUPERFRAC tray design for your specific application.