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AHOP® Automated Hardware Ordering Program

Tired of looking for old drawings to confirm what you have in your towers? Our AHOP® Automated Hardware Ordering Program can help eliminate tray hardware issues during turnaround service by taking the guesswork out of what is inside your towers.

Our innovative computerized program provides an audit of each of your towers to confirm and document all equipment and hardware. AHOP automated hardware ordering program is a free research service for turnaround management tailored to each tower for both Koch-Glitsch and non-Koch-Glitsch equipment. Hardware is supplied for your plant turnaround in a secure Koch-Glitsch hardware locker.

To enroll in the program, contact your local Koch-Glitsch representative or emergency hotline.

AHOP automated hardware ordering program:

  • Reduce inventory
  • Expedite equipment orders
  • Simplify planning of turnarounds
  • Provide exactly what is required
  • Only pay for what you use
  • No charge for research
  • Delivered on time