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Ethylene | Propylene | Olefins

Ethylene and propylene fractionators (also known as C2 and C3 splitters) are used to separate ethane and ethylene or propane and propylene. These columns often require a large number of stages to achieve the desired separation and can contain 100 to 200-plus trays. Many new columns are sized using MINIVALVE® trays or FLEXITRAY® valve trays. Although, if SUPERFRAC® XT trays are used in new columns, the height and diameter of the columns may be reduced. For particularly large columns, Koch-Glitsch has used up to eight-pass SUPERFRAC XT trays to provide the capacity and efficiency required. 

For revamps, high-capacity trays can be used to increase the capacity of these columns. When replacing conventional trays with SUPERFRAC XT trays, not only is the capacity increased, but in most cases, the efficiency is also increased. ULTRA-FRAC® trays can be used in these columns to increase the capacity even further – up to 30% additional throughput beyond SUPERFRAC XT trays.