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Carbon Capture

At Koch, we strive to produce products and services using fewer resources by reducing energy intensity and waste. We help our business partners do the same by producing energy efficient pollution prevention technology including equipment for carbon capture. FLEXIPAC® CP structured packing, developed by Koch-Glitsch specifically for this service, provides improved efficiency and low pressure drop. This allows optimization of solvent circulation and lowers the energy required for regeneration.
The keys to success are good liquid and vapor distribution which can be difficult in towers with very large diameters. Application of the INTALOX® packed tower systems approach ensures greenhouse gas removal requirements are met. Peak performance is achieved using distribution quality analysis and computation fluid dynamics (CFD). Our patented cross-mixing liquid collector and FLOW-THRU truss designs address the challenge of remixing large quantities of liquid between packed beds while saving valuable tower elevation.
Installation of this equipment is a highly specialized task that requires an expert team to make sure the project is completed in time and within budget. Koch Specialty Plant Services (KSPS) has a long track record of successful project completions including very large and complex tower builds. KSPS can provide turnkey services that include engineering, material procurement, project management and field erection of vessels.