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Model 106-107 Pan Distributor

  • Metering device: Deck level orifice
  • Liquid rates: 2-80 gpm/ft2 [5-195 m3/h/m2]
  • Tower Diameter: 0.5 ft to 3 ft [150-900 mm]
  • Support Features: Wall clips or body flange mount
  • Redistribution: Vapor riser covers and wall wiper (Model 107) 

Standard design Features

  • 2:1 turndown ratio
  • Gasket material supplied as specified
  • Small rectangular risers maintain good vapor distribution
  • Additional vapor passage between distributor and tower wall
  • Good liquid cross-flow

Optional design Features

  • Drip tubes for increased operating range and fouling resistance
  • Guide tubes below deck separate liquid from high-velocity vapor near risers
  • Anti-migration device at base of vapor riser replaces separate bed limiter