Liquid-Liquid Separations

  • Improve product purity
  • Reduce the loss of valuable chemicals and products
  • Increase plant throughput capacity
  • Protect valuable downstream process equipment
  • Custom-engineered equipment available for expedited delivery

It has long been said that “oil and water do not mix.” But, actually, they do. And when oil and water do mix, it usually results in major problems.

Koch-Glitsch engineers have the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to design an effective solution to meet specific application requirements, offering complete separation systems including the vessel, inlet distributors, coalescing and settling media, mist eliminator, and vortex breakers.

Koch-Glitsch applies its separation media and internals in two-phase (liquid-liquid) and three-phase (two liquid phases and one vapor phase) designs. The design is chosen based on the nature of the feed, as well as the degree of separation needed.

When plants and existing equipment are pushed beyond their original design capacity, adding a Koch-Glitsch liquid-liquid separation system can maximize the capacity of existing drums, minimize product loss, reduce downstream corrosion, and enhance product purity.

For existing vessels, Koch-Glitsch separation products can be designed and manufactured for easy retrofits, often without requiring welding to the vessel shell. For new applications, utilizing a Koch-Glitsch separation system can reduce the vessel length and diameter to allow optimal initial capital expenditure.