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SUPERHIDIC® Technology

SUPERHIDIC® is a technology that reduces the amount of energy used in the distillation process, a unit operation widely applied in oil refineries and petrochemical plants. HIDIC technology has been researched for many years by companies, universities and research institutions around the world. TOYO is the first to commercialize this technology in the innovative distilling system, SUPERHIDIC.

The SUPERHIDIC system reduces thermal energy consumption in heating the reboiler at the bottom of the distillation tower and cooling the condenser at the top of the tower. CO2 emissions are also reduced, and it enables oil refineries and petrochemical plants not only to save energy, but also to contribute directly to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. 

SUPERHIDIC provides superior energy savings compared to conventional distilling systems in various industrial distillation applications. With its enhanced Heat Integrated Distillation Column, SUPERHIDIC has been recognized as the ultimate energy-saving distilling system. 

SUPERHIDIC® features:

  • Operating pressure in rectifying section is higher than that in the stripping section. This makes a transfer of the excess heat duty in the rectifying section to stripping section possible.
  • Stripping section (low-pressure column) elevated above rectifying section (high-pressure column). Side heat exchange is accomplished by thermo-siphon and/or gravity without pumping.
  • Existing component technology applied. All equipment is designed with proven technology, and maintenance can be performed by conventional means.

TOYO's decision to partner with Koch-Glitsch to make SUPERHIDIC available to customers is a result of the companies' collaboration on multiple successful industrial distillation projects. Both companies are committed to helping plant operators improve operational costs in an efficient way and maintain the sustainability of natural resources.

More information about the SUPERHIDIC technology from Toyo Engineering Corporation is available on TOYO's SUPERHIDIC site.


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