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TOWER VIEW® Software

With TOWER VIEW® software from Koch-Glitsch, powered by OnPoint, steer away from bottlenecks before they happen. The TOWER VIEW application provides real time information on your tower’s performance to immediately identify potential problems before they occur. These insights show how close your tower is to its upper and lower operating limits as well as predicting which limit will be hit first. These operating limits can be calculated in real time through the TOWER VIEW application and fed back into the control system to improve decision making and increase tower optimization.
TOWER VIEW software is one of a kind at helping you realize the full potential of your tower. Use it to optimize daily performance in rate-limited towers, or to proactively identify maintenance needs before a turnaround.

Real time tower insights:

  • Prevent tower upsets
  • Optimize tower performance
  • Consistently meet specifications
  • Increase throughput
  • Unlock the true value of your tower

Start realizing your tower’s full potential right away with the help of TOWER VIEW software powered by OnPoint, from Koch-Glitsch.

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