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VORSOMAX® Cyclone Mist Eliminator

Reduce new vessel size or increase capacity in high pressure applications. 

VORSOMAX® cyclone mist eliminators consist of single or multiple elements mounted onto a deck plate. Each element contains an activator which generates centrifugal forces to provide the separation of vapor and liquid(s).  The units are provided in easily handled subassemblies, which are installed through vessel manways.  If the vessel is equipped with a body flange, the elements may be consolidated into a single piece for installation via the body flange. 

  • VORSOMAX cyclone mist eliminators deliver very high gas handling capacity combined with excellent droplet removal efficiency even at elevated pressures. 
  • For grassroots projects involving high pressure separators, cyclone mist eliminators can provide the lowest overall cost solution by minimizing the diameter and height requirements of the vessel. This reduction in footprint can result in several benefits to the end user such as: faster vessel delivery, lower transportation costs, simplified installation and lower overall vessel costs.
  • For existing high-pressure separators, where significant additional capacity is required, cyclone mist eliminators can extend the gas capacity well beyond any other mist elimination technology.
  • Cyclone mist eliminators are used in the advanced two-stage DEMISTER-PLUS mist eliminator to provide high throughput capacity.  


Product Benefits

  • Minimizes grassroots vessel diameter and weight, which is particularly important in high pressure applications
  • Ideal for debottlenecking existing separators for capacity upgrades
  • High gas turndown
  • Easily installed through vessel manways