Mass transfer replacement equipment
Koch-Glitsch delivers cost effective replacement solutions. Quick supply of replacement equipment means less downtime. Make Koch-Glitsch your first call for planned or emergency maintenance and repairs.

Trays, structured packing, metal and plastic random packing, severe service grid, structured packing, internals
Emergency delivery

Koch-Glitsch has a wide variety of products to provide optimum performance whatever the application. Many common materials are in stock, and equipment can be quickly manufactured to get a tower back on line.

Regardless of original equipment manufacturer, Koch-Glitsch can provide:
  • trays
  • internals
  • structured packing
  • random packing
  • associated hardware


For all your hardware needs

You can count on Koch-Glitsch for all of your hardware needs:
  • Tray components: We can quickly fabricate and deliver decks, downcomers, beams, and seal pans.
  • Bubble caps: As a long-time manufacturer of bubble caps, Koch-Glitsch has more than 5,000 designs.
  • Stocked hardware: Koch-Glitsch has more than 1,000 different types of hardware items in multiple metallurgies in stock.
  • Specialty hardware: We carry an extensive line of specialty hardware, such as explosion resistant designs, that can be used in place of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.
  • Non-stocked hardware: All types are available on special order.



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