Mist elimination replacement equipment
Koch-Glitsch delivers cost effective replacement solutions. Many common materials are in stock, and equipment can be quickly manufactured to get you back on line. Quick supply of replacement equipment means less downtime. Make Koch-Glitsch your first call for planned or emergency maintenance and repairs.
DEMISTER® mist eliminator family of products
Mesh mist eliminators

Upgrade while replacing
Most mist eliminators are replaced on a regular basis due to fouling or corrosion. Very often the same style of mist eliminator that was installed originally is specified for the replacement. However, because of
Koch-Glitsch’s continuing research and development activities, we are usually able to offer a newer style of mist eliminator that will increase capacity, efficiency, or both. This new style can be installed without the need to make any modifications to the vessel.
Emergency replacements
Very often the need for a replacement mist eliminator is not realized until the plant is ready to come back onstream, and delivery of a replacement needs to be made very quickly. Koch-Glitsch has a large inventory of wire on hand and a 24-hour emergency number, so we can often deliver a replacement mesh mist eliminator within a 24-hour period – or same day if necessary.
Replace rather than clean
Cleaning a wire mesh mist eliminator after it has become fouled can be very difficult, and the use of high pressure hoses can often do more harm than good. When the mist eliminator is put back into service, operators often find that performance has actually deteriorated. Koch-Glitsch has done research on the performance of “cleaned” mist eliminators that shows cleaning is usually not very effective. For more information see our bulletin “Do You Feel Lucky."


FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminator family of products

Fiberbed mist eliminators

Repack elements
Because of their structure as well as the processes in which they are employed, fiberbed mist eliminators are the most susceptible to fouling and corrosion. Therefore, it is common to have them replaced on a regular basis. Koch-Glitsch offers a repacking service whereby the user can ship the frames back to our shop, and we will rewind them with new fiber and return them to an “as new” condition. At the same time we will inspect the frames for any damage due to corrosion or handling and make the necessary repairs.

FLEXICHEVRON® mist eliminator family of products

Vane mist eliminators

Replace sections
Vane mist eliminators are less prone to fouling and plugging than mesh mist eliminators. Nevertheless, in some services, certain sections of the mist eliminator become fouled or damaged. In these cases it is not necessary to replace the entire mist eliminator, but only replace the affected sections. In addition, this helps reduce the cost of the replacement and the time the plant needs to be offline.

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