Hardware lockers and trailers
Filled with the specific hardware items you need for a designated tower.
Available for unexpected downtimes as well as planned turnarounds.

Hardware lockers and trailers can save you time.

Koch-Glitsch hardware lockers and trailers can come to your site and stay with you during your maintenance turnarounds.

  • Tailored to your turnaround needs
  • Contains the specific hardware for a designated tower
  • Ensures you pay only for what you use
  • Available when you need it
  • Eliminates unnecessary hot-shot delivery charges

Reduce wasted time as a result of unexpected hardware needs. Our AHOP® Automated Hardware Ordering Program can provide you with a report that details all the hardware contained in your towers for both Koch-Glitsch and non-Koch-Glitsch equipment.

To enroll your towers in AHOP™ automated hardware ordering program, contact your local Koch-Glitsch representative or emergency hotline.

If you choose, you can have your trailer manned with a Koch-Glitsch tower internals expert.

Hardware trailers can be manned with a Koch-Glitsch tower internals expert.

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