Utility for PRO/II simulation software
The free utility that integrates KG-TOWER® rating software with PRO/II simulation software is now updated for the release of KG-TOWER software v 5.4. The utility converts tower hydraulic information in PRO/II software to a file that can be read by KG-TOWER software.

Download and installation instructions

: To obtain the PRO/II utility, you will need to register for the
KG-TOWER® software v 5.4. The utility works only with the version of the KG-TOWER software that is currently available on the Koch-Glitsch Web site.
Remove previous version
You must remove the previous edition of the utility before installing the version for KG-TOWER software v 5.4.
  1. Navigate to the BIN folder of the PRO/II software.
  2. Delete the file proii_kgtower.exe file.
Install PRO/II Utility
  1. Select the link to the PRO/II utility in the download e-mail.
  2. Select Save to start the download.
  3. Navigate to the BIN folder of the PRO/II directory.
  4. Select Save to download the software.
  5. Select Close.

Use the utility

  1. Launch PRO/II software.
  2. Converge the simulation.
  3. Save the simulation.
  4. Write the output file.
  5. Select the tower of choice by clicking on it once.
  6. Select the “Export to KG-TOWER” from the “Output” drop-down menu.


Additional information

Download KG-TOWER® software

KG-TOWER® software logo

You will need to register for the KG-TOWER® software to obtain the PRO/II utility. Select KG-TOWER® equipment rating program to go to the KG-TOWER software registration page.

About the free utility

PRO/II to KG-TOWER® software integration. The utility eliminates the need for manual transfer of data between KG-TOWER and PRO/II software applications.

Contact Izak Nieuwoudt (izak.nieuwoudt@kochglitsch.com)

About PRO/II software

Visit SimSci Simulation Software at Schneider Electric.