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April 2011
Designing for column upsets
Koch-Glitsch, LP

The operating conditions of some columns contain a high risk for upsets or surges. Typical applications include steam strippers or steam stripping sections of refinery fractionators; wash sections of crude atmospheric, crude vacuum, lube vacuum, and coker main fractionator towers; and the slurry pumparound section of FCC main fractionators.


Which flow to use?
by Koch-Glitsch, LP

When hydraulically evaluating tray designs, use the
vapor to and liquid from the tray being rated.


Do you really need a bed limiter?
Koch-Glitsch, LP

Bed limiters are recommended whenever there is the potential for sufficient vapor load to fluidize the top of a packed bed during upset or flooding conditions.



Mass transfer equipment
for olefin recovery units
By Neil Sandford and Pat Quotson

The columns used for olefin separation are often referred to as splitters, more specifically C2, C3, and C4 splitters.
C2 splitters often have more than 90-100 stages. C3 splitters usually have 150 to 200 stages. C4 splitters have between 60 and 90 stages.

Trays are most frequently used in these columns, but random packings have been used in smaller splitter towers. 


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