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October 2010
The DETAILS in liquid distributor selection
by Pamela Tokerud
We recognize not all towers require state-of-the-art distributors, and some distributor designs may be limited because of certain mechanical constraints. It is critical to understand the sensitivity of distribution uniformity to your tower performance as well as the key requirements and constraints.

Packed crude tower wash zones
provide improved performance
by Dennis Schmude
Refinery crude towers are often designed with trays because of their proven performance, operating flexibility, and relatively efficient utilization of column height given the frequent number of side draws and returns.  Packing is often avoided except when necessary for a significant expansion of capacity. However, the significant benefits of using structured packing in the wash section should not be overlooked.

Selecting a thermodynamic method
for computer simulations
by Pat Quotson
The use of the appropriate thermodynamic method when modeling a distillation column is critical. The thermodynamic method is used to calculate enthalpies, densities and phase equilibria. These properties will have a significant impact on computer-calculated column reflux, boil-up and number of theoretical stages. As a result, the selection of the thermodynamic method will affect the column diameter and height. Or in the case of a revamp, the column capacity and separation efficiency will be determined.

High performance trays can improve
column performance

Koch-Glitsch, LP

The increasing cost of energy and higher awareness of environmental concerns have led operating companies to look at ways to improve the energy efficiency of one of their highest energy consuming unit operations: mass transfer separation applications. Trays with both high capacity and high efficiency can provide low cost solutions that increase profitability by improving recovery of hydrocarbons to higher value products and/or increasing throughput of existing units.



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