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November 2010
Foaming in FCC strippers
Koch-Glitsch, LP
FCC Gasoline Strippers do not typically foam unless there is excessive water in the feed. This water can lead to foaming on the top trays of the column as well as other problems.


Tray Diameters at Low Liquid Rate
Koch-Glitsch, LP

When estimating the required diameter of a new trayed column using valve trays, many times the calculated jet flood is used to set the diameter without considering that
the trays could be operating in a high-entrainment region due to an abnormally low liquid rate. This usually occurs when the liquid rate is below 2-3 GPM/sq. ft. of tower area.


Correct and complete
existing column information

by Erika Penciakova

To facilitate correct evaluation of an existing distillation column it is essential to have all as-installed mass transfer equipment drawings including tower elevation and nozzle orientation drawings.


Using different types of mist eliminators together yields best performance of both
by Roger Cusack
Different types of mist eliminators have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, DEMISTER® knitted wire mesh type mist eliminators are effective over a wide range of operating conditions and can efficiently remove liquid particles in the 3-10 micron range. However, they are not very effective when the liquid loading to the mist eliminator is very high and/or the process is severely fouling.

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