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May 2010
Mist eliminators in horizontal 
two and three phase separators
by Lisa Cox
Many horizontal two and three phase separator vessels require mist eliminators for the outlet vapor.  Mesh, vanes, and mesh/vane combinations are all common, depending on the process fluids involved and the efficiency of mist removal required in upstream equipment.  The sizing of these vessels if most often determined by liquid residence time requirements and slug capacity; however, it is important to consider the mist eliminator design as well when the calculating the vessel size.

Small vs. large random packing
by Pamela Tokerud

Random packings come in many shapes and sizes. 

Different packings yield different performances. 

And distillation designers face trade-offs when selecting a random packing size.



The difficulty of easy separations
by Christoph Ender
Distillation engineers encounter a surprising number of problems with easy separations.  For example, the splitting of ethylbenzene and toluene and the splitting of methanol and water are both separations with a large relative volatility between the key components. Distillation history is filled with examples of unattained separation targets for both of these systems.


Mixing valves and sieve holes
on the same tray deck
by Paul Morehead
Koch-Glitsch engineers generally do not mix moving and fixed valves (or sieve holes) on the active area of a tray. Based on industry experience, this configuration has proved to have adverse effects on tray performance.
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