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January 2011
Minimum tower diameter for
random packing columns
by Randy Sommerfeldt

Small columns are often used in pilot plant applications and low throughput commercial applications. Packings are generally used in small diameter towers because of mechanical constraints and poor tray efficiency associated with small diameter trays with short flow path lengths. However, there are practical mechanical limitations on setting the minimum tower diameter for packed column designs.


Integrating PRO/II and KG-TOWER® software

The integration between KG-TOWER® and PRO/II® software eliminates the need for manual transfer of data, which allows you to do a large number of calculations in a very short time and removes the risk of data transfer errors.

A free utility that converts tower hydraulic information in PRO/II simulation software to a file that can be read by
KG-TOWER software is available from Koch-Glitsch.


Latest Version of KG-TOWER® software 
Available Now!
Go to the KG-TOWER software registration page and register to download and install the KG-TOWER tray and packing hydraulic rating software and the PRO/II utility.
This electronic design tool from Koch-Glitsch can assist you in the specification of mass transfer equipment, including conventional and high performance valve trays, severe service grid packing, and conventional and high performance random and structured tower packings.


Maldistribution can be induced by a cold feed
Koch-Glitsch, LP
The quality or condition of a feed entering a column will dictate the type of feed device needed. 
Feeds that are below the boiling point (subcooled) are normally not a problem, but there may be a concern when the amount of subcooling is substantial and improper feeding of the liquid could result in a severe temperature gradient across a trayed or packed column. 


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