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February 2011

Flashing feeds in vacuum distillation columns:
What is the feed nozzle velocity?
By Ken Graf 

The normal practice for calculating the inlet velocity of a two-phase feed to a distillation column is to calculate the flash of the feed at column pressure, and then to apply a two-phase-flow correlation(1,2) to check the flow regime of the mixture in the feed piping. The mixture could be in the bubble-flow regime, the dispersed regime, the annular regime, etc. The two-phase-flow regime indicates whether the mixture is all moving at one uniform high velocity, or whether the liquid is moving more slowly than the higher velocity vapor.


Equipment choices for 
acid gas removal and gas sweetening
by Pat Quotson and Neil Sandford

Acid gas removal and gas sweetening applications involve the removal of CO2 and/or H2S and mercaptans from gas streams by chemical or physical absorption.

Selection of mass transfer equipment for these applications is dependent on process conditions, operation parameters, and desired performance.


Minimum tower diameter for
structured packing columns
by Randy Sommerfeldt

Small columns are often used in pilot plant applications and low throughput commercial applications. Packings are generally used in small diameter towers because of mechanical constraints and poor tray efficiency associated with small diameter trays with short flow path lengths. However, there are practical mechanical limitations on setting the minimum tower diameter for packed column designs.


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