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Success and value creation

By partnering with Koch-Glitsch, you can leverage its team’s decades of experience in hydrocarbon processing, now combined with the latest cloud-based software and analytics solutions powered by EFT Analytics. This two-pronged approach equips experienced Koch-Glitsch process engineers with EFT’s advanced analytics platform to discover how variables interact and how they can be used to optimize plant operations and understand critical issues. 

Analyzing historical data creates enhanced understanding of plant operations and captures the unique attributes of your facility.

  • Root cause analysis
    Identify the root cause of historical operating issues. Deepen knowledge and uncover solutions to previously elusive problems.
  • Optimization
    Determine what adjustments can be made to maximize product purity, product recovery, production rate and energy efficiency.
  • Unplanned outages
    Predictive models give operators the required time to stop these events. 



Case study - analyzing
operational challenges 

A chemical intermediates facility was experiencing operational challenges with a partial condenser that operates downstream of two parallel reactors and three effluent coolers. The knockout percentage from this unit represents the yield of product successfully extracted from the reactor effluent stream. Historically, the knockout percentage is lower than desired, along with being unpredictable due to fouling that necessitated regular shutdowns for cleaning. The net effect is lost production and profit. 

Koch-Glitsch and EFT analyzed over a decade of operating data. Together, the team identified several key variables of interest, primarily associated with the operation of the upstream reactors and effluent coolers, to enable this unit to maximize production and minimize downtime.

The optimum effluent cooler operating temperatures, partial condenser coolant temperature, and reactor feed rate and composition were identified, and a live dashboard monitor was deployed that enables engineers and operators to monitor this process in real-time. In addition, this review provided new insights into the process and helped eliminate previous theories regarding the unit’s operation.   


Koch-Glitsch and 
EFT Analytics 

Koch-Glitsch now combines its decades of industry experience with the latest data analytics solutions to create value for the chemical processing industry.  Building on its team’s comprehensive knowledge of refining, petrochemical, chemical, gas processing, power, air separation, pollution control, and pulp and paper industries, Koch-Glitsch is partnering with EFT Analytics, a Koch Industries company, to provide customers with powerful analytics solutions that go beyond traditional engineering studies.  

EFT Analytics was founded over 20 years ago with an aim to deliver real-time, data-driven insights, EFT Analytics was acquired in 2016 by Koch Industries, one of the largest private companies in the U.S. EFT now provides predictive analytics, process optimization and energy management solutions to more than 100 blue-chip clients around the globe.

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