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Vacuum pump skid as part of a seawater vacuum deaeration package to remove oxygen for an offshore water injection system located on an FPSO

Eta Process Plant

Eta Process Plant is a world leader in the supply of turnkey deaeration plants with
over 400 plants operating in locations ranging from the cold waters of Alaska
to the warm waters of Australia.
Eta's over 35 years of experience began with the rapid growth in offshore oil exploration and production in the UK's North Sea. Its first package was supplied for a Brent A platform in 1974. Today, Eta continues its commitment to cost effective and reliable solutions in deaeration plants and has extended the scope to include coarse filter, fine filter and chemical injection packages together with booster pumps and control panels containing the logic and code to safely operate the whole of the water injection topsides facility.
From design to project management, Eta can provide a cost-effective, fully skid mounted package plant for easy integration into multiple locations (onshore, offshore fixed platform, or FPSO).
Koch Modular Process Systems

Koch Modular Process Systems

Koch Modular Process Systems LLC designs and supplies modular mass transfer systems to meet the challenging purification requirements in the chemical; photovoltaic and polysilicon; alternative energy; pharmaceutical; petrochemical; biotech; biochemical; and food, flavor, and fragrance industries. 

Koch Modular is a world leader in extraction technology and provides a wide range of extractors to choose from, in both static and agitated columns, including the SCHEIBEL® and KARR® columns.

Koch Modular can also provide process studies, laboratory and pilot plant testing, VLE development, and complete process design engineering packages.

Koch Modular is a joint venture with Koch-Glitsch, a world leader in the supply of mass transfer and mist elimination equipment.


SUPERHIDIC technology - partnership between Toyo Engineering and Koch-Glitsch 

SUPERHIDIC® Technology

SUPERHIDIC®, developed by TOYO, provides superior energy savings compared to conventional distillation systems in various industrial applications. The high energy savings realized with SUPERHIDIC technology are normally not achievable with similar technologies available on the market.

TOYO and Koch-Glitsch have formed a new partnership to distribute the SUPERHIDIC system to global markets in Europe and the Middle East. This partnership will create sustainable value for customers in refinery and petrochemical fields that are interested in maximizing energy savings and output.