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May 2011
Is special attention needed during start-up to prevent damage to trays?
Koch-Glitsch, LP

To avoid damage to trays during start-up, several of the common causes of problems are described. These are well known but frequently overlooked.


Selection guide for common
mist elimination equipment
KOCH-OTTO YORK® separations technology
Almost all mist elimination equipment falls into one
of four general classes:
  • Knitted wire mesh pads
  • Vane assemblies
  • Fiberbed candles and panels
  • Cyclone assemblies
Water drawoffs in FCC strippers 
Koch-Glitsch, LP

Some FCC strippers incorporate a water draw from an inlet sump on an active tray. Why do these never work?


Advantages of cross-flow trays 
Koch-Glitsch, LP

Cross-flow configurations have been the distillation industry standard for at least 50 years. On cross-flow trays, liquid flows horizontally in one, two, or more streams/froths toward one, two, or more outlet weirs. This configuration offers multiple advantages.


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