Knowledge and Experience
Over the last century, Koch-Glitsch has been at the forefront for mass transfer and mist elimination equipment development. Continuously improved designs set the standard for performance. The extensive knowledge and experience of the Koch-Glitsch engineers result in innovative designs and continuous refinement and improvement of products to optimize column performance. Regardless if the objective is to save energy, reduce pressure drop, boost efficiency, increase product purity, or improve reliable operation, Koch-Glitsch has the knowledge and experience to optimize the design of your process.

The extensive knowledge and experience of the Koch-Glitsch engineers result in innovative designs and continuous refinement and improvement of products to optimize column performance.

Koch-Glitsch is the world leader in tray technology. With a wide range of designs for active panels, downcomer configurations, and support structures, Koch-Glitsch has the right tray for your application and the knowledge and experience to design and offer the most suitable configuration for your specific separation column.

Structured packing
With the technical knowledge gained from thousands of structured packing installations since the 1960s,
Koch-Glitsch designs towers to deliver the right combination of efficiency, capacity, pressure drop, and optimized energy requirements to meet its customers' needs.

Random packing
Over the past 50 years, Koch-Glitsch 
has been the front runner in random packing development and continues to define the industry standard again and again. Like no other company,
Koch-Glitsch engineers understand the importance of liquid and vapor distribution to maximize performance of packed columns.

Packing for severe services
Koch-Glitsch pioneered the use of heavy duty grid style packing 30 years ago and continues this development with its recent release of a new high performance severe service grid packing. The extensive reference list of these packings in demanding refinery services around the world is a testament to their superior anti-fouling characteristics and structural integrity.

Column internals
Being fully aware of the importance of liquid and vapor distribution as well as re-distribution of liquid, Koch-Glitsch engineers give careful attention to the selection and design of vapor and liquid distributors and collectors. Tackling the industry's challenge for larger and larger columns, Koch-Glitsch makes use of its extensive experience to break new records for column diameter.

Mist eliminators
Since 1947, the KOCH-OTTO YORK® business group of Koch-Glitsch has provided a complete line of mist elimination products. The extensive application knowledge of mist elimination results in continued improvements of devices to enable Koch-Glitsch to provide effective solutions.

Liquid-liquid coalescers
Koch-Glitsch has supplied liquid-liquid coalescer media for two- and three-phase separators for over 30 years. Koch-Glitsch engineers can design coalescer solutions to reduce the size of new vertical or horizontal vessels as well as improve the performance of existing drums.

With the largest installed base in the industry, Koch-Glitsch designs and supplies mass transfer and mist elimination equipment for almost all applications. Koch-Glitsch's extensive experience includes:

  • Crude atmospheric distillation
  • Crude vacuum distillation
  • Fluid catalytic cracking
  • Coking
  • Lube oil
  • Alkylation
  • Sour water


Gas processing

Power industry




Technology partnerships
Leading technology providers approach Koch-Glitsch for advice in mass transfer, mist elimination, and liquid-liquid coalescing equipment to enhance the performance of their proprietary technology. In a number of cases, Koch-Glitsch worked exclusively with the technology provider to develop unique equipment specifically designed for a certain process configuration.

KBR turned to Koch-Glitsch to enhance its ROSE® proprietary solvent deasphalting process. Koch-Glitsch developed ROSEMAX technology to achieve higher throughput and improve quality of the deasphalted oil products. ROSEMAX structured packing is exclusively distributed by KBR.

Koch-Glitsch, in collaboration with KBR, developed ROSEMAX technology  to increase yield and/or product quality for lube oil extraction columns used in solvent deasphalting and aromatics extraction processes.

KFBE packing from Koch-Glitsch provides premium catalyst stripper performance for FCCU technology. The Shaw Group and Axens apply the KFBE packing as licensors in their FCC technology for new and revamped FCC catalyst strippers.

DuPont and Koch-Glitsch have formed a strategic alliance to provide solutions for liquid-liquid separation vessels and internals for sulfuric acid alkylation technology. Koch-Glitsch liquid-liquid coalescing media are exclusively distributed by DuPont for sulfuric acid alkylation processes.

software from Koch-Glitsch have been incorporated into the SimSci–Esscor® PRO/II® software. A conversion utility to transfer data from the PRO/II software to KG-TOWER™ software is available for download from the Koch-Glitsch Web site.

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