Sulfuric acid plants
The amount and type of mist generated in a given location in a sulfuric acid plant can vary greatly depending on the specific plant, its age, design, and operation. Many types of mist eliminators are used in sulfuric acid plants

Drying towers
Drying towers typically use DEMISTER® mist eliminators. Another option is to use the FLEXIFIBER® type IC-K mist eliminators.
Interpass and final absorption towers
Interpass and final absorption towers typically use FLEXIFIBER® type BD or FLEXIFIBER® Type IC mist eliminators.  
Tail gas scrubbers
Single absorption plants that have added ammonia based tail gas scrubbers to reduce SO2 emissions can create a high percentage of sub-micron particles that can be addressed by using the FLEXIFIBER® Type BD mist eliminators.
Ore smelting
Smelting of ores often produces flourides that will corrode glass and glass fibers. In these instances, the recommended product is FLEXIFIBER® Type BD mist eliminators manufactured with special carbon fiber.