Drying towers
Any sulfuric acid or water molecules contained in the gas downstream of the drying tower will lead to sub-micron mist in the absorber towers. Corroded or fouled drying tower mist eliminators are common sources of excessive entrainment.  

Sulfur burning plants
For sulfur burning plants bringing in atmospheric air, drying towers typically use DEMISTER® mist eliminators or FLEXIFIBER® type IC-K mist eliminators.
Metallurgical plants
For metallurgical plants utilizing sulfur dioxide from the smelting process, acid mist formation is typically smaller in diameter, more corrosive, and a greater quantity. Removing the acid mist requires more efficient types of mist eliminators.
Koch-Glitsch has developed several different styles of DEMISTER® and FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators specifically engineered to provide the high efficiency, low pressure drop, and fouling resistance required by this tough application.