Ammonium nitrate
Emissions from ammonium nitrate production plants consist of ammonium nitrate, coating materials, ammonia, and nitric acid. The emissions will vary based on the specific plant operating characteristics. Solution formation and granulators primarily emit ammonia and nitric acid. Most process operations emit particulate matter consisting of ammonium nitrate and coating materials.
Vent lines
Ammonium nitrate applications include vent lines coming off the neutralizer and the evaporator concentrator. These applications typically use FLEXIFIBER® type BD or FLEXIFIBER® type IC mist eliminators.
Prill tower
The ammonium nitrate prill tower must be fitted with mist eliminators to remove the sub-micron mist and particulate that causes a visible plume. A combination of DEMISTER® and FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators works well in this application.