The alkylation process uses a variety of liquid-liquid coalescer applications.

Hydrocarbon feed
Koch-Glitsch has successfully installed liquid-liquid coalescers in the hydrocarbon feed prior to the alkylation reactor. The designs use a variety of products depending on the application specifics to reduce the water content to 15 vppm.

Acid settlers
Retrofitting acid settlers with Koch-Glitsch liquid-liquid coalescers produces tremendous savings for the refinery including:
  • acid recovery
  • improved alkylate
  • increased settler capacity
  • decreased downstream corrosion for flares, knockout drums, and piping. 

Effluent neutralization section
Koch-Glitsch has excellent experience with the effluent neutralization section related to the acid wash, water wash, alkaline water wash, depropanizer feed, or DIB feed drums. This is addressed by our liquid-liquid coalescer products.

Refrigeration compressors
DEMISTER® mist eliminators are used to prevent carryover of liquid droplets into the reciprocating compressors of the autorefrigeration circuit.