Acid regeneration
Many types of mist eliminators are used in sulfuric acid regeneration plants. The amount and type of mist generated in a given location in a sulfuric acid plant can vary greatly depending on the specific plant, its age, design, and operation.
Gas purification section
Sludge acid and spent acid typically involve a gas purification section where DEMISTER® or FLEXICHEVRON® mist eliminators are used prior to the drying towers.
Drying tower
Burning the hydrocarbons from the spent acid generates water and a weak acid and causes corrosion in the drying tower to be typically higher than sulfur burning plants. High alloy DEMISTER® mist eliminators are often used in the drying towers. FLEXIFIBER® type IC-K mist eliminators are another option.
Interpass and final absorption towers
Interpass and final absorption towers typically use FLEXIFIBER® type BD or FLEXIFIBER® type IC mist eliminators.