Absorption towers
A wide variety of alternatives are available for the reaction and/or absorption of gaseous components in absorption towers. The specific needs of the plant depend on the type of plant and the priorities of its technical and operations management.
Sulfuric acid manufacture
Acid mist droplet size and droplet quantities can vary significantly depending on the source of the sulfur dioxide, oleum production, and so forth.
Smelting of ores or regeneration of spent acids often produces accompanying solids. In these instances, the recommended product is the DEMISTER® mist eliminator that is manufactured with special fibers.

Final and interpass absorption towers for sulfuric acid manufacture typically use FLEXIFIBER® type BD or FLEXIFIBER® type IC mist eliminators depending on the design of the acid plant. 

Koch-Glitsch can determine the appropriate mist eliminator in all of these applications to meet your needs.
Glycol contactors
Upgrading from traditional mesh to high efficiency DEMISTER® mist eliminator styles 822 or 82 can reduce glycol losses to below 0.1 gallons per 1 MMSCF. This can result in payback in most systems of less than one month.