YORK-EVENFLOW vane inlet device
Superior design and operating performance vs. traditional baffles or dished splash plate

YORK-EVENFLOW vane inlet device

Benefits of YORK-EVENFLOW vane inlet device
  • Reduces high inlet gas momentum
  • Diverts high liquid loads away from mist eliminators
  • Prevents reetrainment of liquid droplets from the liquid sump
  • Modular construction allows installation through vessel manways
  • Engineered to your specifications for vertical or horizontal vessels

In retrofitting situations, inlet nozzles are a common problem area. Higher gas flow volumes create poor gas distribution in crowded drums or distillation towers. This frequently results from under designed inlet distributors that allow localized high velocities and severe liquid reentrainment.
YORK-EVENFLOW vane inlet devices decrease the momentum of the inlet feed stream in a controlled manner. This allows the removal of bulk liquid and solids and evenly distributes the gas flow over the downstream mist elimination devices. In addition, YORK-EVENFLOW vane inlet devices reduce gas velocities flowing over the liquid surface, preventing reentrainment of previously collected liquid from the liquid surface.
Materials of construction
All common metal alloys

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