FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators
Reduce visible stack plumes, provide unlimited turndown, collect up to 99.95% of all submicron liquid particles

FLEXIFIBER mist eliminators

Benefits of FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators
  • Reduce or eliminate visible stack gas plumes
  • Provide unlimited turndown from design capacity
  • Achieve guaranteed pressure drop as low as 40 mm (1.5 in) W.G.
  • Interchange with existing fiberbed equipment
  • Capture submicron mist particles 0.1 microns or smaller

Depending on the design parameters, FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators collect up to 99.95% or greater of all submicron liquid particles.
FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators consist of a packed fiberbed between either of two concentric screens or two parallel screens.

Koch-Glitsch offers three types of FLEXIFIBER mist eliminators that are based on the type of mechanism for separation:

FLEXIFIBER® type BD element (Brownian Diffusion) is designed for submicron liquid or soluble solid particles.
FLEXIFIBER® type IC element (Impaction Cylinder) is designed to economically collect particles in the 1 to 3 micron range.
FLEXIFIBER® type IP element (Impaction Panel) is most commonly used in sulphuric acid plants.
Materials of construction

  • Wide variety of metal alloys
  • Thermal-set plastics
  • FRP
Packed fiberbeds
  • Special glass
  • Polyester fiber
  • Special carbon fiber media is available for applications that contain fluorides, high pH, or steam.

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