FLEXICHEVRON® mist eliminators for Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)
Mist eliminators for electrical power producers, kilns, cement production, aluminum and other metal foundries, FCC units in refineries, and other power or process flue gases that require SO2 removal.
FLEXICHEVRON® mist eliminator for FGD systems
FLEXICHEVRON® Style VIII mist eliminator

Benefits of FLEXICHEVRON® mist eliminators for FGD

  • Resistance to fouling and plugging


Processes for SO2 removal vary depending on the amount of SO2 involved, the solution used to absorb the SO2, and the particular equipment used in the absorption tower.

  • Applications with lower SO2 levels may need only one chevron level because of lower L/G ratios or other unique tower geometries. 
  • The majority of applications use a mist elimination zone that contains two stages of mist eliminators.


Koch-Glitsch offers many types of chevron mist eliminators for the numerous styles of absorbers and internal support arrangements.

FLEXICHEVRON® style VIII mist eliminators are designed specifically for FGD absorbers, but also work well in a variety of other applications, such as evaporators and cooling towers.

FLEXICHEVRON® style XII/XIV mist eliminators were developed for vertical up flow in high velocity absorber applications. This high capacity, two-stage design provides bulk removal by the first stage and fine removal by the second stage.

FLEXICHEVRON® style XXVII mist eliminators combine excellent efficiency and strength at an economical price. They can be used in single- or multi-stage applications. Style XXVII is available in polypropylene only.

FLEXICHEVRON® style XXVIII mist eliminators are used as a bulk separation device in a multi-stage mist eliminator design. Style XXVIII is available in polypropylene only. 


Materials of Construction
Koch-Glitsch offers a wide variety of materials of construction that includes:
  • Polypropylene
  • Polysulfone
  • FRP
  • Metal
The choice varies depending on customer preferences, operating conditions, quantity of chlorides in the flue gas, maintenance requirements, and product cost.