DEMISTER® mist eliminators
High collection efficiency, lowest installed cost, low pressure drop, and fast delivery

DEMISTER® mist eliminator

Benefits of DEMISTER® mist eliminators
  • Easy to install in all process equipment
  • Most cost-effective solution when equipment sizes are set by other requirements
  • High efficiency with low pressure drop
  • Emergency delivery available
DEMISTER® mist eliminators collect essentially 100% of all liquid particles 2 to 5 microns in diameter, depending on design parameters. 
The DEMISTER mist eliminator is an assembly of YORKMESH knitted mesh supported on, and held down by, high open area grids.  When a vapor steam carrying entrained liquid droplets passes through a DEMISTER mist eliminator pad, the vapor moves freely through the YORKMESH knitted mesh but the inertia of the droplets causes them to contact the wire surfaces, coalesce, and ultimately drain as large droplets.
Available in virtually any size or shape, in a broad range of metals or plastics, individual styles of DEMISTER mist eliminators can be supplied to meet specific customer needs. Stainless steels and exotic alloys are fully annealed to provide maximum corrosion resistance.
Materials of construction
All 300 and 400 series SS
Alloys 200, 400, 600, 800
Alloy 20
And more . . . 
Specially designed materials can be used for specific applications. For example, Alloy 66 is used for DEMISTER mist eliminators to extend service life in sulfuric acid plants.
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