DEMISTER-PLUS mist eliminators
Advanced engineering designs to minimize size of new vessels or allow use of existing vessels when plants are revamped for additional capacity

DEMISTER-PLUS type MV-H mist eliminator - horizontal flow designs for substantial increases in throughput capacity in any knockout or flash drum

Benefits of DEMISTER-PLUS mist eliminators

  • In new plant construction, DEMISTER-PLUS designs reduce knockout drum investment substantially while maintaining separation efficiency. 
  • In revamp situations:
    • More than 300% capacity gain can be achieved, depending on the existing
      vessel geometry.
    • When needed, modifications can be accomplished without welding.

The advanced design DEMISTER-PLUS mist eliminator can achieve even greater increases in capacity over the high capacity DEMISTER® mist eliminator. The well-proven DEMISTER-PLUS design features a two-stage mist eliminator, combining the efficiency of the DEMISTER mist eliminator with the high throughput capacity of the FLEXICHEVRON® vane-type mist eliminator or cyclone mist eliminator.
Designing for More Capacity
In most process installations, vessel size is determined by needs other than mist eliminator capacity, such as:
  • capacity of trays or packing
  • evaporator volume requirements
  • liquid holdup requirements

In these cases, traditional mist eliminator designs will readily meet the capacity.

In some equipment, particularly in knockout drums, the vessel size is set by the requirements of the mist eliminator itself. When plants are revamped for additional capacity, it is almost always more economical to reuse existing vessels rather than replace them with larger equipment.

Materials of construction
All 300 and 400 series SS
Alloy 200
Alloy 400
Alloy 20
Carbon steel
Many other materials available on request
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