Structured packing
The corrugated metal sheets of structured packings are arranged in a crisscross relationship to create flow channels for the vapor phase. The intersections of the corrugated sheets create mixing points for the liquid and vapor phases. Structured packings offer excellent capacity and low pressure drop per theoretical stage.
structured packing
FLEXIPAC® structured packing

· Industry standard
· Lower pressure drop
  per theoretical stage
· Increased capacity
  compared to trays
  and conventional
  random packings

FLEXIPAC® structured packing
Wire gauze
structured packing
Wire gauze structured packing

· Very high efficiency
· Low pressure drop

Wire gauze structured packing

high capacity structured packing

FLEXIPAC® HC® high capacity structured packing

· Increase capacity
· Reduce pressure drop
· Excellent efficiency

FLEXIPAC® HC® high capacity
structured packing

tower packing
GOODLOE® tower packing

· High efficiency with
  low pressure drop
· High turndown
· Minimum column

GOODLOE® tower packing
INTALOX® high capacity
structured packing 

INTALOX® high capacity structured packing

· Greater "efficient
  capacity" than other
  structured packings
· High liquid rate, high
  pressure systems
· Vacuum and

INTALOX® structured packing

FLEXIPAC® S structured packing 
FLEXIPAC® S structured packing

· Smooth surface
· Moderate fouling
· Heavier gauge
  material than
  FLEXIPAC® packing

FLEXIPAC® S structured packing

Available exclusively from Koch-Glitsch, FLEXIPAC® HC™ structured packing is protected by US Patent 5,632,934 and other patents worldwide assigned to Praxair Technology, Inc. Koch-Glitsch, LP is the exclusive worldwide licensee of Praxair Technology, Inc. for the manufacture and sale of this packing in all markets except for industrial gas separation.