Random packing
For improved performance in new and existing towers.

Koch-Glitsch has developed a variety of random packings to meet customer needs. Random packings are an inexpensive packing alternative to increase a tower's capacity and efficiency. With Koch-Glitsch designed random packings, capacity increases can be achieved without sacrificing efficiency.
Koch-Glitsch process engineers can help you improve performance in new and existing towers. Working on thousands of towers worldwide, Koch-Glitsch has developed an expertise second to none in the industry. This is expertise you can rely on for solutions to your specific needs.
Working with you, our process engineers will select the proper mix of packing, tower internals, and tower arrangement to best satisfy your specific requirements. In addition, the Koch Specialty Plant Services Inc. (KSPS), team is available for expert and efficient installation, at your request.
Whatever your application, Koch-Glitsch has the random packing in the size and material – metal, plastic, or ceramic – to provide optimum performance. Most sizes of packings, in all common materials, are in stock for immediate shipment . . . at competitive prices. And, we'll go out of our way to ensure prompt delivery to keep downtime at a minimum.
The following pages provide links to descriptions of Koch-Glitsch random packings. Capacity and pressure drop curves for use in preliminary tower design are also shown.

Metal random packing